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The history of the dating agency is unexpectedly long: marriage brokers are already mentioned in the Bible who, on behalf of parents, look for suitable candidates for their children. On the one hand, your task was to research the marriage market in a specific target group and to make initial contacts. On the other hand, the suitors were already negotiating because a marriage was also a financial transaction. Society has changed dramatically, but the desire to find the right person to live together has not. So the idea of ​​finding a partner has remained – but the implementation has changed. Here is an overview.

Going along to a singles night is a great way of meeting new people in a relaxed and safe environment. If the thought of these kind of events being mainly for those over a certain age, then think again and get rid of your misconceptions. Singles nights are for single people of all ages and are fast becoming one of the most popular ways of couples to meet each other and form relationships.

With today’s hectic lifestyles and long working hours, it is becoming increasingly difficult for singles to meet their soulmates. They are great for busy people to get together and have some fun and a few drinks with like minded people, and are the perfect opportunity to get to know others on a one to one basis. You may not find your life partner at your first singles night but you will make new friends which is always a bonus.

The different types of singles nights are vast and varied; some are demographic while some are according to hobbies or interests. Research is key here, if one of your main hobbies is wining and dining, you’ll be wasting your time at a Vegan’s singles night. Keep looking and you find a singles night to suit you, whether you are an older single, a Jewish single or a fan of line dancing.

There is nothing stiff and starchy about a singles night and the whole idea is to create a relaxed and ambient atmosphere. When you first go the host/s will introduce themselves and you will register. One this is done you are free to wander through the venue and check out the different activities on offer and see what takes your fancy. There are no rules and you can stick to something you know or try something completely new.

The cost of attending a singles night varies according to the venue and activities on offer. The prices average between approximately £5-£20. The cheaper nights tend to be either singles parties or discos held in a club or hotel and the cost is a cover charge to gain entry. The more expensive singles nights will be in a more exclusive venue or even a boat and there will maybe lots of different activities to try or entertainment included.

Life can be depressing enough without spending your evenings alone, so if you are ready to get back in the dating game check out the singles nights that are taking place in your area. Most people go along on their own so don’t let that put you off, and whether you go for lifestyle or demographic, you are assured of a great time.

Information on singles nights is readily available online or in your local newspaper. Almost every town and city hold regular singles nights or events, so there will be some in your area if you look for them. A night out beats sitting in front of the TV any day of the week and who knows, Mr or Ms right could be there waiting…

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